Exchange 2010 Missing Server Configuration in EMC

Just worked on a test(luckily) Exchange 2010 server with a customer.  When they opened the Exchange Management Console, the Server Configuration was missing and they couldn’t change the properties of any the mailboxes. When they opened the mailbox properties they saw these little lock symbols all over the place.

When they ran the command “Get-Mailbox” in the Exchange Management Shell, they only saw a single mailbox.

So we tried all sorts of things. Then they mentioned the installed Outlook on the server and set it up to access a mailbox. Just happened to be the   I tried deleting the mail profile, uninstalling Outlook, logging off and back in, no dice.  Then I found out that Windows caches credentials and you have to clear those out using the below procedure:

  1. Open a command prompt using “Run as Administrator”
  2. Run the command “control keymgr.dll”
  3. Click “Back up vault” and follow the prompts to back everything up.
  4. Find and remove all credentials that have to do with Exchange or the user setup for Outlook.

After that everything returned to normal.

So if you want Outlook on an Exchange server use OWA.


28 comments so far

  1. Manuel on

    thanks, we had the same problem on a exchange 2010 sp1 with a customer

  2. Andrei on

    That crazy thing screwed up OWA as well. Just deleting user credentials solved everything.

    Thank you a lot!!!

  3. Rick Yeates on

    Where am I finding and removing the credentials?

    • Marquis Calmes on

      You need to run the Credential Manager as described in the last steps.

  4. Kjetil Aas on

    Fantastic! Thank you!! 🙂

  5. seb on

    Souci résolu grâce à cette FAQ. Merci 😉

  6. Ian on

    I absolutely love you! I had a half hour heart attack and as I had been changing a few permissions as well, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Note to all: – don’t tick the remember password box on the server!!!


  7. Leke Fasola on

    You are a genius guy…. thanks.
    You can remove the credentials from exchange by running the control keymgr.dll and select remove credentials.

    Leke Fasola

  8. Rufaro Mupanemunda on

    Wow, great find mate. that sorted me out

  9. Sejong on

    Same here. Spent hours trying to figure out where I had gone wrong.

  10. hams on

    Great….Works for me..Thank you so much…

  11. Samiuddin Mohammed on

    Superb Work….. Keep it up.Works for me very well. Bunch of Thanks

  12. Irfad on

    You made my day… Thank you

  13. CW on

    Very nice, quick fix, for me. This issue occured when I had added a new profile and selected “remember credentials” when logging in.
    I had 2 other Outlook profiles on the server already.

  14. mgb1979 on

    Excellent info, thanks!

  15. xisplo on

    Saved me a few hours of headaches!
    thank you

  16. Dave on

    Well done, thanks!

    • Richard Frank on

      thnx. Helped me too.
      Pathetic that outlook user credentials can mess up a mail server interface.

  17. Vijay D on

    Thanks !! this worked for me…

  18. allan on

    Thanks nice post .realy works

  19. joergen on

    thx man.. omg, you saved my day 😀

  20. Bill on

    Thanks for the advice. One of my techs screwed up Exchange and was going through all the roles. This fixed it.

  21. CyberIDentity on

    This is still saving asses 🙂

  22. Ganesh on

    Thanks a lot

  23. Natalia on

    Your solution works! Thanks a lot!

  24. Steven K on

    Thx, you saved me a lot of time

  25. Lee on

    Thank you as well – it worked! Very helpful!!!

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